What participants say (Old Site)

“Autobiography has illuminated my acceptance of the past and widened my choices in planning for the future.”

“A look at the past has helped me start a new beginning.”

“Writing my autobiography has revealed many things I had forgotten.”

“Hearing the details of other people’s lives has reinforced my belief in the resiliency of people to rise above their challenges.”

“Understanding other people’s perspectives allowed me to focus on my own feelings more clearly.”

“By looking back and re-examining the significant events in my life, I have come to understand, appreciate, and forgive myself for my mistakes.”

“I have developed a new community of friends and bonded with people with whom I initially thought I would have nothing in common.”

“I have shared my life story so that my children and grandchildren might better know me. I have told the truth about my life. After all, I am the only one who really can!”

“I have developed new insights into how I view myself, and how other people see me.  The process works, and I am happy with who I am.”

“Having a group of empathic listeners who are also writing their stories has provided me a safe and supportive environment to share my own story.”